ZBLL Recognition

By yoruba

When you first start learning ZBLL, it might seem like some cases are too similar to differentiate between each other. Is it even possible to recognise the cases quickly enough in a solve?

Yes! All you need is a consistent recognition system.


Through many years, various ways of recognizing ZBLL have been invented to simplify the recognition as much as possible. For an overview of them, you can check this document. (opens in a new tab)

Which one to choose?

It is highly recommended to learn the Baum-Harris (BH) system for recognition. It's the best choice for beginners due to the consistency of the system: Where for blocks you would have to look for patterns that are individual to every case, here you just need to learn 12 set patterns that are guaranteed to appear. The straightforward nature of the system is also its strong suit: After COLL, you just need to recognize a set BH pattern, instead of an arbitrary block or pattern that can appear at different sides of the cube for different cases, which might require multiple AUFs, especially if you're in the learning stage.

How to learn Baum Harris?

We have a video about this on our channel: